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Welcome to

Spine by Design Family Chiropractic

Here's what to expect:


First phone call

One of our team members will walk your through the new patient process, and get you scheduled for your first two visits. 

We will also send you a link to complete the appropriate paperwork before your first visit!

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Initial Visit

During your first appointment with us, you will receive a tour of the practice. 

Then Dr. Erin will go over your complete health history with you and listen to any health concerns you may have and ask what your health goals are at our office. 


We will perform nervous system scans, orthopedic &neurological exams, posture analysis and of course, spinal palpation. 

You can expect the first visit with us to be about 45 minutes. 

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Nervous system scans

We use INSIGHT Technology at Spine by Design. These scans are non-invasive and safe for everyone, including pregnant moms and babies. This helps us get a good look at how your nervous system is actually functioning and how well you are adapting to life. 


The follow-up visit

During your follow-up, Dr. Erin will sit down with you and go over your scans in depth and present your recommended care plan. 

We want to make sure our office is a good fit for your health needs!

The adjustment

After we go over your scan results and you accept care, we will get you or your children adjusted!

Dr. Erin will walk you step-by-step throughout your first adjustment. 

Expect a follow-up call later in the evening from Dr. Erin checking in on how you responded to your first adjustment. 

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We look forward to you joining our family!

Always feel free to bring your children to your appointments, they are more than welcome to play in our kids' corner!

This helps to ensure that you are able to get adjusted & have all your questions answered without interruption. 


This also allows to you to follow your care plan without worrying about  what to do with your children during your appointment with us. 

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