Remedy testing

Remedy testing uses a hair sample to determine the vibrational frequency of the body. A saliva sample can be used for people who don’t have enough hair, like a baby. A kit will be dropped shipped to your house. You just need to clip a sample of hair and package it up, and it’ll be returned to the lab. Once they’ve processed your sample, they’ll send me the results of your kit! It’s all-inclusive test that will give us details about your energy storage/usage, your level of consciousness, your brain balance, your distortions/stressors, your chakra alignment, your organ balance/stressors and your emotional triggers. This is all used to help further dive into your health. We’ll get a report of your hormones listed individually and identify ayn imbalances. There’s also a report of nutritional imbalances, metals/toxins and food sensitivities. You’ll also be given a protocol of homeopathtics, vitamins, minerals and herbs that are the best energetic match for you to be used to help better your health.

It’s completely unique to your body’s needs.

Follow the link below or click the photo above to be taken to purchase the kit. Once purchase, I will contact you with further details/instructions.

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